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Thriving Productivity Blueprint at Work | What does life balance mean to you?Do you work constantly and feel guilty about who and what you are neglecting; or get so busy helping a friend in need that you don’t show up for the people you love most?

It happens to all of us–with all of the distractions and digital devices it’s easy to lose focus of what is most important.  We let the busy-ness of life dictate what and who we spend our precious time.  While I understand we must be willing to sacrifice to achieve our dreams, I do believe there is a way we can achieve an authentic balanced life so we can create the life that’s perfectly in-tune with to our desires.

“There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.” ~Frank Herbert

When we neglect our needs or do things not in alignment with our values, life spins out of control.

What is life balance?

A balanced life brings on a feeling of completeness with a sense of harmony. This feeling is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.  Our lives are made up of many areas we value–our health, family, finances, intelligence level, social ties, career/work, spiritual/mind-set, play, self-care/self-love, romance, and many more. We don’t need to spend the same amount of time on each facet to achieve a sense of balance in life.  We must spend the right quality and amount of time in each facet so each feels in alignment with who we are. When we neglect our needs, we eventually self-sabotage.

This year I’ve taken 10 business trips and 2 personal trips, managed our tattoo studio, my travel business, Effortless Living, our home, and participate in the daily lives of my 3 children.  Do you think I’ve struggled with balance? Of course I have.  As soon as I feel any part of my life is spinning out of control, I immediately check-in and take the steps necessary to bring myself back to that sense of complete harmony.

How do We Find Balance

Find balance by honoring your facets while providing the nurturing they require to function well. Accept there will be times you’ll have to make choices about which area of your life comes first.  Empowering yourself to make choices that are in alignment with what you value is living a balanced life.

5 Ways to Bring Balance to Your Life

  1. Create a vision.  Create a vision of what you want based on your desired direction to achieve a successful life.  Spend time on activities that support your vision.  Cultivate self-love by practicing journaling, meditation, time for you to reflect, plan, relax, and set your intentions daily. Include eating healthy meals, drinking water, getting enough rest, and taking care of your personal needs on your daily schedule.
  2. Connect to what’s important.  Choose to spend your time on actions that support your plans.  Take deliberate action on what matters most.  Accept things will pop up that may require you make some adjustments.
  3. Call it quits.  Get rid of habits and behaviors that no longer serve you–procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing, and a bad attitude.  Habits and behaviors that make you say, “yes” when you really mean, “no,” and keep you from saying, “Can you help me?” no longer have a place in your life.  Be willing to ask for help and accept it.
  4. Control the chaos.  Find a way to minimize interruptions, offer alternatives, or learn to say no when someone asks you for a favor that will cause distress in your day.  Find ways to relax and include these in your daily routine.
  5. Clear the clutter.  Get rid of anything in your space that weighs you down or makes you feel stressed.  Create a filing solution to make your piles more manageable.  Remember to keep it simple.

To achieve and maintain an authentic heart-centered balanced life we must consistently take two actions.  The first is understanding and honoring each and every facet of your being and its needs.  The second is changing your perspective when a thought or action doesn’t align with your vision and desires.

There is no one way to intertwine your partner, children, and career, into your life.  How you do it is a personal choice that must work for you and your lifestyle.  Creating work-live balance is a constant act of self-love.

Put It To Work: Draw a rectangle on a piece of paper and divide it into 8 sections.  On the left of the rectangle number vertically in 10s from the bottom, starting at zero and up to 100 (0, 10, 20, 30, and on to a 100). Label each section horizontally with an important facet of your life–the faucets you value most, such as health, family, friends, career, finances, romance, play, and spirituality to name a few.  With a dot mark within the section your happiness level in each area of your life.  Rate on the top (100) of your rectangle as complete happiness, and the bottom (zero) as very unhappy. After rating your happiness levels connect the dots to crate a line across the page.  If you line is smooth congratulations because that means you have achieved life balance.  If your line is not fairly straight your life is not balanced–notice the areas that scored poorly and take inspired action to improve these areas of your life.

If you enjoyed this article, and I hope that you did, share it with your friends.  We are reclaiming time so we may create the space to cultivate the happiness we deserve.

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  1. Creating balance is so important, thanks for the great tips Carmen, great as usual

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    Very helpful tips and wonderful exercise. Thank you!

  3. Laura Mead says:

    I really like these recommendations! One of the earlier ones with the list of questions to ask ourselves was also very thought provoking.

  4. Hi Scott, Thank you for sharing. You are most welcome. Happy you find it helpful. Xx

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